2012 National Cycling Calendar | CHINA

The chances of stumbling across an elite road or track cycling event whilst in China for leisure or business are pretty slim. A virus-stricken Cycling iQ has switched into “map mode” this week, to help China-bound (or resident) readers increase the odds.

According to this short history of road cycling in China, 2012 (also the Year of the Dragon, beginning 23 January this year) will mark 60 years of sanctioned national-level road cycling championships in China. Provincial leagues (club racing level), such as the Trek Shanghai race series, are also extremely popular in China; often with mini exhibitions taking place alongside the racing.

Regular visitors to Cycling iQ will know that I am quite fond of charts and maps; this usually intensifies relative to boredom, procrastination, illness or actual need (in that order). Last week, the Chinese Cycling Association released a table of National-level cycling events to take place in 2012. I’ve spruced it up a bit and will update it if there are changes. Notification of updates will be made on the Cycling iQ Twitter feed. [Last updated 25 June 2012]



5 thoughts on “2012 National Cycling Calendar | CHINA

  1. Looking forward to seeing Tour’de China in the future.

    Posted by David | January 20, 2012, 10:59
  2. These events are open to only Chinese riders, with exception of UCI events. For the traveler to China on business and/or leisure, there is actually a whole plethora of cycling events happening every weekend in different locations all over China – both road and mountain bike. These events welcome any cycling enthusiast to join.

    Posted by bikedan | May 7, 2012, 10:39


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