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InSight | China’s media ponders cycling

Where is pro cycling and cycling culture in China going? For most of the year, this question circles in a small fishbowl of new media (like this blog). However, the recent Tour of Beijing has helped the discussion spill over into much larger ponds, including that of China’s state-owned Xinhua News Agency.

Inside Guide | UCI AsiaTour photographer Mokhriz Aziz

In a sign the UCI is taking the need for better coverage of its AsiaTour more seriously, Malaysian photographer Mokhriz Aziz – known simply amongst friends and the cycling media caravan as Mike – has been engaged to follow the racing as official UCI AsiaTour photographer. Cycling iQ chats with Mike about his new role.

2012 Tour de Brunei | Stage 5: Bandar Seri Begawan Circuit

Near-perfect racing conditions usually provide solace to pro cyclists but, to rivals of Tabriz Petrochemical Team, it meant fewer opportunities for race leader Hossein Askari – going into today’s 104 kilometre stage with a 24″ advantage – to come unstuck.


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