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2012 Tour of Taihu Lake | Stage 6: Huzhou Changxing -Taihu Tourist Resort

Cycling’s veterans have had the lion’s share of successes in Tour of Taihu Lake thus far, so it was time for a change in the form of Nutrixxion Abus’ Sebastian Körber winning his first UCI stage. The 28-year old second-year pro was put out of contention by yesterday’s en masse crash but everything fell together in the right way today.

Images: Mike Murano
Video: QQride

Immediately after the too-close-to-call stage finish Körber, who hails from Nürnberg – from 2005 to 2009, home to the UCI1.1-ranked ‘Rund um die Nürnberger Altstadt‘ which is now sanctioned as part of the German Cycling Federation’s national series – had resigned himself to second place behind Joeri Stallaert (Landbouwkrediet – Euphony) but photographic evidence of his victory saw him elevated in rank and spirit.

On GC, Milan Kadlec continued to defy the insistence of close rivals, maintaining his 9″ advantage over Drapac’s Floris Goesinnen, whilst all other classification leaders also held – or marginally increased, in the case of points leader Alois Kankovsy (ASC Dukla Praha) – their positions. Only two stages and 250 kilometres of racing now stands between the Czech Republic’s Kadlec and his first stage race win since 1999.

In the absence of a longer stage report, please visit the following team websites for inside race reports:

Team Type 1 – Sanofi (English)
ASC Dukla Praha (Czech)
Rusvelo (English)
Champion System Pro Cycling Team (English)
Nutrixxion Abus (Deutsch)

Click on image to jump to stage 6 video highlights at

Leaders (Orange) Jersey (累计个人成绩 / 橙衫): Milan Kadlec (ASC Dukla Praha)
Points (Green) Jersey (抢分排名 / 绿衫): Alois Kankovsky (ASC Dukla Praha)
Best Chinese Rider Jersey (大中华个人 / 红衫): Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong National Team)
Best Young Rider (Blue) Jersey (青年个人 / 蓝衫): Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong National Team




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