Dedicated: Dubai’s roadies go longer

Dubai’s cycling ‘master plan’ was officially extended by another 18 kilometres last week, as Sheikh Mansour Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum opened a new dedicated cycling track on Al Qudra Road. In most countries, such infrastructure might get a few column inches; in Dubai, that’s not how things are done. Cue the extravagant video.



Already, a number of pro cyclists have recently sampled some of Dubai’s approximately 100 kilometres of purpose-built cycling tracks (as opposed to conventional cycling paths, these tracks were built with the higher speeds of sport cyclists in mind); though it probably goes without saying that the flat parcours has the potential to become as bland as indoor training after a while. However, the biggest benefit is giving riders an alternative option to Dubai’s notoriously dangerous metropolitan roads.

Visitors to Dubai wishing to learn more about the road cycling options that await them can visit the excellent Dubai Roadsters website. Founded in 1997, the club came under the stewardship of local bike shop owner Wolfgang “Wolfi” Hohmann (who stars in the above video) five years later. Participation growth in the years since has meant bunch sizes swelling well beyond 100 riders, necessitating the regular use of a support car during the popular weekend rides.