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Cycling iQ’s ‘Italian in Style. Made in Taiwan’ article is featured in the April 2016 edition of Cycle Sport. It’s the first of what I hope will be many feature articles in this legacy publication.

Cycle Sport April 2016

It’s extremely rewarding whenever an article at CyclingiQ.com is received well by readers and respected media platforms. Researching and composing a finished piece is at least equally as satisfying as eventually clicking the ‘Publish’ button.

When I first discovered road cycling as a Uni student 20 years ago, Cycle Sport UK was the first publication I purchased. The names and stories from that era, though completely foreign to me initially, eventually developed a reassuring familiarity that became a great form of escapism: whether it was Bjarne Riis’ miraculous victory at Le Tour, Max Sciandri taking bronze at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta or a profile on the Gewiss team in which Russian Evgeni Berzin rode.

So when Cycle Sports’ Editor-at-large Kenny Pryde asked if I’d be interested to contribute to the magazine, it was an easy decision to make. You can read my first feature article in the April 2016 edition of Cycle Sports, available for sale now in the UK and also in the iTunes store. I’d love to get your feedback; either in the comments section below, an email or a tweet.

Cycle Sport April 2016 cover

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  • Jono

    Article appears to be a bit anti Italian cycle manufacturers for having their frames made outside of Italy and yet this is exactly what the US makers do whilst still advertising themselves as American.

  • Thanks for reading the article and for your feedback.

    The article could have easily been about the US or any other EU country. Italy was chosen as the focal point due its legacy in road bike manufacturing. Also, mainstream media seem to frequently reference Italian road bike brands as a benchmark. The brief was to explore whether this was justified and to determine how Italy’s place and status in the industry has changed over the decades.

    It was unfortunate that most of the Italian brands I approached for comment (several weeks before the article was published), or for an opportunity to rebuke William Jeng’s statement, weren’t able/willing to be interviewed.

  • Where is the original article?

    What is made where?

    Colnago make all their frames in Italy. Same as Pinarello. Says on the sticker.