Which, ironically, is to apologise for the lack of regular updates to the blog since early 2013. Cycling iQ may one day burst back into life again but, for now, I hope visitors may find some of the articles interesting.

Countless trips to Asia during a bike-centric career revealed a lack of English-language information about pro road cycling in the region. I wanted to create a resource that could help fill in the gaps and benefit everyone; from cycling fans, to bicycle brands entering Asia for the first time. After first writing about the bicycle industry, the content at Cycling iQ is now almost completely dedicated to the coverage and analysis of pro cycling in Asia.

Giving cycling fans access to timely and quality information about the racing taking place in Asia is the number one objective at Cycling iQ. Europe’s status as the home of professional road cycling is almost beyond question, but the qualitative/quantitative gap continues to narrow. Unfortunately, most of the international cycling media hasn’t yet received the message, even though structural changes in the global economy may eventually see Asia overtake Europe in terms of opportunities for cycling as a whole. On this site, you’ll find coverage of every UCI AsiaTour race that I attend in person, or can get reliable information on.

I’m fortunate to occasionally receive invitations from UCI AsiaTour race organisers to be part of their foreign media contingent, but a full-time job (since July 2012) makes participation all-but impossible. All race content at Cycling iQ is either sourced on-site, or from direct contact with people at the race if I can’t attend. I attribute wherever possible, and will always credit the work of others. If the situation allows, Cycling iQ pays professional photographers and translators for a better and richer reader experience.

Apart from right here at, I contribute to the following publications. I may pop up elsewhere from time to time – if it becomes permanent, I’ll put a link here
RIDE Cycling Review (Australia)
BIKE Europe (Netherlands)
Taipei Show Daily (Taiwan)
Bicycle Retailer (USA)
SuperBike (Korea)

At all other times, I will be here:

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