• Book mini-review: Hell On Two Wheels

    - Dec 18, 2011
    At first, it may appear mono-dimensional; facing four consecutive days on a boat, this cycling tragic reaches to a book about cycling to help the hours pass. But author Amy Snyder’s account of the notorious ultra-distance...
  • TONGA planting seeds of cycling culture in the Pacific

    - Nov 30, 2011
    In contrast to its printed prominence in ‘Asia-Pacific’, the Pacific part of this vast region doesn’t register as a growth-center for cycling. As Cycling iQ is an equal opportunities website, it’s only reasonable that occasionally we...
  • Cycle Mode JAPAN: for the people

    - Oct 29, 2011
    I remember frothing with excitement about an outdoors coffee festival in Sydney’s old-town centre ‘The Rocks’ a few years back. On arrival, visions of quaffing endless $1 double ristrettos, extracted from polished Italian-made groupheads, were quickly...
  • KOREA World Bike Show 2011

    - Oct 17, 2011
    With 20% of South Korea’s population, a sophisticated, health-conscious, consumer market and local government investment of KRW1.833 trillion (EUR1,140,000,000) into public transport infrastructure, Seoul city should seem a logical location for a bicycle exhibition. But why...
  • Early morning bike ride in Beijing

    - Oct 5, 2011
    For the UCI, local knowledge and expertise has been crucial in taking the first Tour of Beijing WorldTour road cycling race from concept to reality. The same applies for visiting cyclists that plan to navigate Beijing’s...
  • A ride with Shanghai’s Flying Hairy Legs cycling group

    - Sep 30, 2011
    Formed in 2000, FHL (Flying Hairy Legs) is an eclectic group of expat and local Chinese road cyclists braving the often-hazardous ring roads, secondary motorways and city streets of Shanghai’s urban sprawl, whilst providing a great...
  • Inaugural Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress

    - Sep 25, 2011
    Delegates from Europe, USA, Asia and Oceania converged upon the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for the opening day of presentations at the 1st APAC Cycle Congress....Read More
  • World Cycling Research Forum 2011

    - Sep 23, 2011
    First held in Adelaide, Australia in 2005, the World Cycling Research Forum (WOCREF) provides a platform for the dissemination of cycling-related research, attracting government, academic and consulting stakeholders. Held in Brisbane this year, immediately following the...