New Zealand

  • Featured in Cycle Sport

    - Jul 29, 2016
    In what is the last issue of Cycle Sport, Cycling iQ writes about the state of New Zealand road cycling and asks how it is that this small country has managed to export so much talent into the European arena....Read More
  • 2016 UCI Road Cycling Calendar Asia-Pacific

    - Jan 12, 2016
    Ahead of every new pro cycling season, the UCI publishes its calendars for the World Tour and respective Continental Circuits here. All of the basic event information is tabled in a neat way but it’s hard to visualise. Following...
  • Canyon Bicycles enters Australia/NZ market

    - Jul 29, 2015
    Members of cycling forums in this part of the world have written with equal parts admiration and frustration whenever the name ‘Canyon’ has been mentioned in recent years. With its online business model, the German brand has no...
  • OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team signs New Zealand’s Jason Christie

    - Jun 4, 2013
    Following a successful first season as a UCI Continental team, OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team continues to progress towards realising its mission statement of becoming South East Asia’s premier road cycling team. The ambitious squad, which...
  • 2013 UCI Road Cycling calendar Asia-Pacific

    - Sep 25, 2012
    It’s that time of year again! The UCI has published its 2013 calendars for the WorldTour and respective Continental Circuits.  Cycling iQ has put together a simple map of all scheduled UCI World Tour, Asia Tour...
  • InSight: Giant Bicycle’s New Zealand revenue wall

    - Apr 21, 2012
    In the ten years since Giant Bicycle Co. Pty Ltd (Australia) first registered a New Zealand branch office, the company has relied on a third-party agent to perform market development functions across the Tasman. However revenue...
  • Backstory: peaks and valleys of a cyclosportive

    - Apr 12, 2012
    Consumers of cycling may have noticed an increase in ride-focused content across cycling media in recent years. Product-based pages are still just as popular, but promotion of mass-participation road cycling events seems to be popping up...
  • Pro Cycling: how far would you go? Oceania

    - Mar 28, 2012
    As professional road cycling continues to spread its global wings, it has been fascinating to witness the number of Asian, Australian and Kiwi cyclists breaking into the top echelon of professional road cycling; sometimes via quite long...
  • Jeffson: custom steel bicycles Kiwi style

    - Jan 1, 2012
    Unless you’ve got a house in Guangdong province, Tianjin or Taichung, the chance of stumbling across a bicycle manufacturing facility is minimal at best. So it was a pleasant surprise to do just that when on...
  • PureBlack Racing cycling dream needs sponsorship edge

    - Dec 12, 2011
    Lately, sponsorship uncertainty has shadowed the apex teams of professional road cycling like a Grim Reaper. Potentially, this creates a trickle-down alert for prospective sponsors seeking to engage even at UCI Continental levels – destabilizing the...