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Yowamushi Pedal: manga creating road cyclists

A Japanese manga series about a disparate group of high school students that find purpose and camaraderie through road cycling has captured the minds of its readers to such an extent that many are now replicating their heroes in real life.

Cycle Asia cycling series launches

Spectrum Worldwide, the Singapore-based event management company which owns and operates several mass participation cycling events, including the hugely-successful OCBC Cycle Singapore, this week launched ‘Cycle Asia’; a regional concept promising to give amateur cyclists access to closed-roads events in some of Asia’s biggest cities.

Dedicated | Dubai’s roadies go longer

Dubai’s cycling ‘master plan’ was officially extended by another 18 kilometres last week, as Sheikh Mansour Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum opened a new dedicated cycling track on Al Qudra Road. In most countries, such infrastructure might get a few column inches; in Dubai, that’s not how things are done. Cue the extravagant video.

Backstory | Le Race: peaks and valleys of a cyclosportive

Consumers of cycling may have noticed an increase in ride-focused content across cycling media in recent years. Product-based pages are still just as popular, but promotion of mass-participation road cycling events seems to be popping up everywhere.

Because it’s there | Mt. Fuji Hillclimb

As the highest of Japan’s three Holy Mountains, Mt Fuji is a national icon, a tourist drawcard and a breathtaking example of evolution that ranks it amongst the earth’s finest natural features. Anyone who stands before it cannot help but be awed by its sheer physical dominance. A road cyclist might think ‘I wonder if … Continue reading

Frequent flyer | Art of the travelling cyclist

Serious cyclist? Is your passion all-consuming? You’ll already know that an optimal cycling lifestyle is achieved when the support system and environment around it is stable. Frequent travel, especially work-related, can easily destabilize a cyclist’s routine and potentially wreak havoc on cycling fitness.

Book mini-review | Hell On Two Wheels

At first, it may appear mono-dimensional; facing four consecutive days on a boat, this cycling tragic reaches to a book about cycling to help the hours pass. But author Amy Snyder’s account of the notorious ultra-distance Race Across America (RAAM) race transcends cycling. ‘Hell On Two Wheels’ captures the raw emotions and trauma facing otherwise … Continue reading

TONGA | planting seeds of cycling culture in the Pacific

In contrast to its printed prominence in ‘Asia-Pacific’, the Pacific part of this vast region doesn’t register as a growth-center for cycling. As Cycling iQ is an equal opportunities website, it’s only reasonable that occasionally we go beyond the Far East in our search for emerging cycling nations.

Early morning bike ride in Beijing

For the UCI, local knowledge and expertise has been crucial in taking the first Tour of Beijing WorldTour road cycling race from concept to reality. The same applies for visiting cyclists that plan to navigate Beijing’s traffic and massive urban sprawl. Local rider Shannon Bufton took me out on an early morning ride into the … Continue reading

A ride with Shanghai’s Flying Hairy Legs cycling group

Formed in 2000, FHL (Flying Hairy Legs) is an eclectic group of expat and local Chinese road cyclists braving the often-hazardous ring roads, secondary motorways and city streets of Shanghai’s urban sprawl, whilst providing a great starting-point for travelers and newbies wondering where the hell to start.


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