• What does the future hold for Italian bike brands?

    by - Aug 24, 2016
    It seems that whenever mainstream media talks about road bikes, Italian brands feature frequently as the ultimate representation of our aspirations while, in contrast, those from Taiwan are suggested as affordable stepping stones to something better. But...
  • WorldTeam an “essential factor” in Merida’s success

    by - Dec 18, 2015
    Three years have passed since Taiwan’s second-largest bicycle manufacturer joined the elite club of WorldTeam sponsors. Cycling iQ caught up with Merida VP William Jeng to reflect on whether it has all been worthwhile....Read More
  • No place in Europe for Chinese-made road bikes

    by - Dec 16, 2015
    It is by now well established that the majority of the professional peloton’s bikes come from factories in Taiwan as do most of the carbon road bikes on European shop floors. So why is China not getting its slice...
  • Market Talk

    by - Nov 25, 2015
    This week: a company profile of Taiwan OEM Merida; Hero Cycles acquires Firefox and rights to Trek distribution in India; the ‘Asia Bicycle Industry Alliance’ explained; Southeast Asian bicycle manufacturers growing business in western markets; global bike brands’...
  • Dante Lam’s ‘To The Fore’ set for August 06 release

    by - May 5, 2015
    Following up from his acclaimed 2013 martial arts flick Unbeatable, the award-winning Hong Kong director has turned his attention to the world of professional cycling....Read More
  • Merida Bikes releases Feng Chun-Kai Limited Edition

    by - May 3, 2015
    Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer Merida Bikes (Merida Industry Co., Ltd.) has released a limited edition road bike in collaboration with Taiwan’s first WorldTour cyclist and Lampre-Merida rider, Feng Chun-Kai....Read More
  • InSight: China’s top 10 bicycle enterprises

    by - Jun 3, 2012
    The China National Light Industry Council (CNLIC) is a national organisation that services and monitors the performance of 26 industry associations on the mainland, including the bicycle industry. It recently released its list of the top ten...
  • Cycling iQ Twintel

    by - Apr 1, 2012
    Noise emanating from professional cycling’s European spring classics understandably drowned out the distant hum of bicycle industry and racing snippets from Asia; which doesn’t mean nothing happened in this part of the world. Ad men, analysis, embargoes, trade secrets...
  • Cycling iQ Twintel

    by - Mar 25, 2012
    In this week’s edition of Twintel: Giant and Merida shareholders watch paper fortunes rise and rise; whilst Sonova shareholders go after Director, and BMC owner, Andy Rihs. Tour of China doubles up. New market entries by...
  • Merida’s Tour de France ambition

    by - Mar 14, 2012
    Merida Industry Co., Ltd, Taiwan’s second largest bicycle manufacturing company after Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd, is now actively pursuing entry to the Tour de France. But first, the brand needs a team. Cycling iQ spoke about...