Vertical Limit

  • Vertical limit: how e-commerce has changed the bicycle industry

    by - Dec 8, 2011
    The unexpected popularity of Cycling iQ’s ‘Vertical limit’ series of articles, reviewing twenty years of change in the bicycle industry – from the first days of mail-order to the present dynamic online marketplace – appears to...
  • Vertical limit: surviving compression fatigue

    by - Nov 21, 2011
    Consumers of cycling products have been taken for quite a ride during the last two decades. Bicycle brands, their distributors and retailers, demonstrated a remarkable endurance and capacity to sustain a profitable, trust-based supply chain model...
  • Vertical limit: what just happened?

    by - Nov 16, 2011
    The emergence of e-commerce in the bicycle market was an affront to almost every aspect of an industry business model that had for years thrived on handshakes, muffin-toting sales representatives and the seductive embrace of high...
  • Vertical limit: 10 years on, the first cracks appear

    by - Nov 11, 2011
    Year 2001. Taiwanese OEM production hummed along, retail prices were buoyant, and cycling was enjoying an upswing in popularity across the Asia-Pacific region. However, as the new millennium’s first decade matured, so too did a trio...
  • Vertical limit: the long and short of bicycle manufacturing

    by - Nov 8, 2011
    Free-market capitalism, a cycling boom and supply-chain protectionism made the 1990’s a financial boon for bicycle brands, their distributors and retailers. The highly profitable business model of selling bicycles manifested in scaled-up physical supply nodes designed...
  • Vertical limit: bicycle industry supply chains

    by - Nov 6, 2011
    2011 is a fine time to be a consumer of cycling equipment. Brands and their downstream re-sellers are clambering over each other to cut through the noise created from market re-structuring. Many players in the bicycle...
  • Vertical limit: blissful detachment, export utopia

    by - Nov 5, 2011
    1991. Shimano STI was introduced, Miguel Indurain’s five-year Tour de France dominance began, teens moshed to ‘Nevermind’, and the World Wide Web officially launched to the public. Bicycles were purchased in bike shops and carbon fiber...
  • Vertical limit: bicycle business under pressure

    by - Nov 3, 2011
    Accessibility used to be all that stood between a bicycle brand and a consumer. Today, it’s more complicated. Multiple business models co-exist, creating a plethora of purchasing options for consumers. It is both exciting and confronting....