William Jeng

  • What does the future hold for Italian bike brands?

    by - Aug 24, 2016
    It seems that whenever mainstream media talks about road bikes, Italian brands feature frequently as the ultimate representation of our aspirations while, in contrast, those from Taiwan are suggested as affordable stepping stones to something better. But...
  • WorldTeam an “essential factor” in Merida’s success

    by - Dec 18, 2015
    Three years have passed since Taiwan’s second-largest bicycle manufacturer joined the elite club of WorldTeam sponsors. Cycling iQ caught up with Merida VP William Jeng to reflect on whether it has all been worthwhile....Read More
  • Merida’s Tour de France ambition

    by - Mar 14, 2012
    Merida Industry Co., Ltd, Taiwan’s second largest bicycle manufacturing company after Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd, is now actively pursuing entry to the Tour de France. But first, the brand needs a team. Cycling iQ spoke about...
  • 2012 Taipei Cycle Show gallery

    by - Mar 9, 2012
    Taipei Cycle Show is to the bicycle industry what BaselWorld is to the jewellery and timepiece sector. It’s the mass platform for brands and factories to connect with buyers all the way down the supply chain. Now...