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Serious cyclist? Is your passion all-consuming? You ll already know that an optimal cycling lifestyle is achieved when the support system and environment around it is stable. Frequent travel, especially work-related, can easily destabilize a cyclist s routine and potentially wreak havoc on cycling fitness.

At first, it may appear mono-dimensional; facing four consecutive days on a boat, this cycling tragic reaches to a book about cycling to help the hours pass. But author Amy Snyder s account of the notorious ultra-distance Race Across America (RAAM) race transcends cycling. Hell On Two Wheels captures the raw emotions and trauma facing otherwise Continue reading

The Australian Government s Productivity Commission report on the Economic Structure and Performance of the Australian Retail Industry was made public last week. The bicycle industry s wholesale peak body, Bicycle Industries Australia, wasted no time in delivering its own interpretation of the report s recommendations concerning online imports.

Lately, sponsorship uncertainty has shadowed the apex teams of professional road cycling like a Grim Reaper. Potentially, this creates a trickle-down alert for prospective sponsors seeking to engage even at UCI Continental levels destabilizing the sport s future funding pipeline. It s diligent to have a wider arsenal.

Following a novel training session with the Melbourne Storm rugby league team yesterday, cyclists from the Australian GreenEDGE professional cycling team were today presented to a small crowd outside Melbourne s Town Hall by Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle. Looking on was team owner Gerry Ryan, founder of caravan manufacturer Jayco and long-time backer of cycling events in Continue reading

From rather humble beginnings as a maker of bicycle products for other brands, to becoming the world s largest manufacturer of bicycles, Giant Manufacturing Co Ltd has pioneered global brand development in the bicycle industry. From the outside, it might appear that Giant has done it all, and has it all.

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So long, November. As cycling consumers finalise their Christmas 2011 shopping list of bikes and gadgets, the bicycle industry s Product Managers have returned from Taichung, Taiwan, after ordering parts for the bikes those same consumers may buy in 2013. Welcome to the weird world of the bicycle industry product cycle.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has uploaded all 2012 road cycling calendars, in table form, to the UCI website. Awesome, but we re visual people. Cycling iQ has put together a simple map of all scheduled UCI World Tour, Asia Tour and Oceania road cycling events to be held in Asia-Pacific during the upcoming 2012 season.

Chinarello has become the lead character in a new online fantasy world where eager players can select a favourite bicycle hero, dress him with a personalized costume or leave him in default stealth black then acquire tools (called components in this game) that give their hero increasing mobility as they navigate an increasing Continue reading

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