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Full circle? Bicycle brands resist costly China

In an effort to curb the rising costs of doing business on the mainland, Advanced International Multitech Co Ltd (AIM), a publicly-listed OEM to some of the world’s most evocative bicycle and golfing brands, intends to migrate Chinese production lines back into its Taiwan operations.

Pro Cycling: where are all the riders from?

Country of registration – and even sponsor origin – is only a base indicator of professional cycling’s national roots. The regional creep of cycling’s popularity is globalising the professional peloton, especially at the UCI Continental level. Cycling iQ looks at the national makeup of each UCI division for the 2012 season.

MIYATA: Japanese road bicycle legend re-born

120 years since a former gunsmith, Eisuke Miyata, built the first Miyata bicycle, this esteemed name in Japanese bicycle history is returning to its manufacturing roots, with a new project that promises to deliver catatonic doses of nostalgia to Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers.

Backstory: peloton’s oldest cyclist still has the goods

April, 2010. “I had with Floyd Landis to fill a gap of over seven minutes before we caught the front, and at this time I had driven Landis tired. Eventually, I rode away from Landis and second position to the win”. How many 42 year olds could tell that story?*

Merida enters India sans road bicycle

Perhaps due to bicycle industry commotion about how China’s emerging middle-class will secure growth for every brand under the sun, India is often overlooked. 25 years after its first export, Merida, Taiwan’s second-largest bicycle manufacturer, is finally dipping a cautious tyre – but not a skinny one – into the Indian market.

OCBC Singapore cycling team goes UCI Continental

Regardless of their location in the world, road cycling clubs almost always face similar barriers to development; most common amongst them is a lack of financial resources. In this department, one aspiring team in Singapore has struck the jackpot.

2012 Chinese National Road Cycling Calendar

The chances of stumbling across an elite road or track cycling event whilst in China for leisure or business are pretty slim. A virus-stricken Cycling iQ has switched into “map mode” this week, to help China-bound (or resident) readers increase the odds.

Corporate vehicles: a cycling strategy

Corporate sector investment into cycling is diverse and fragmented. It could be the CFO of a major financial institution purchasing his first Colnago, an IT company sponsoring a local cycling club or a law firm providing cycling facilities for its partners. Ryan O’Neill, founder of Australian Cycling Executives, is building a platform that aspires to … Continue reading

Gallery: Champion System team launch, Beijing

Champion System pro cycling team, the first UCI Professional Continental team to be registered in China, launched in Beijing last week. This was the international media’s first opportunity to tap into the underlying proposition that Asia has emerged as a serious professional cycling region.

Is Tour of Australia needed for Down Under’s rise?

Watching Special Broadcasting Service’s (SBS) live coverage of the Australian national road cycling championships last weekend, it was impossible to ignore the weight of UCI WorldTour team jerseys. Whether Australia is a globally competitive road cycling nation is no longer a question.