Reader’s Survey: BIKE magazine, South Korea

When BIKE magazine (South Korea) published the results of its annual reader’s survey, I thought it might be interesting to share a small snapshot with Cycling iQ readers. An enquiry email was sent to BIKE’s Chief Editor, Park Changmin, and he replied moments later with an “A-OK” to re-produce the results here.


BIKE magazine received a total of 2,000 responses to the survey, which covered demographics, cycling experience, brand preference and purchase behaviour across 22 questions. Participants also had the opportunity to give general feedback on topics such as online sales, bicycle infrastructure and after-sales service from their local bicycle retailers. Most fascinating to me was feedback on brand preference – most cyclists will have an idea of the popular brands in their own country, so I thought this would serve as a simple but fun comparison.

Metropolitan Seoul – where two-thirds of the BIKE mag survey respondents live – is replete with modern, savvy, high-speed-internet-connected, early adopters who more or less live and breathe the concept of information symmetry; indeed, cyclists in Seoul can hear a bicycle designer’s pencil brushing against a sketch pad over vast bodies of water. If it’s coming to market, they know about it.

The survey reveals absolute domination by Shimano in the groupset category (preferred by 74% of survey participants) and also Shimano’s strong position within each category it has a product for – I get the feeling Shimano could produce a tyre tomorrow and yield reasonable market share based on its brand image alone. As mentioned above, I’ve clustered only the brand preference results together; those readers interested in the full survey can go here (Korean-English translation software needed, if your Korean is non-existent like mine).

How does it compare with the bike in your household?



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