2012 Asian Cycling Championships wrap-up

Last week, 26 of Asia s 40 National Cycling Federations gathered in Putrajaya, Malaysia to compete across track and road cycling disciplines at the 2012 Asian Cycling Championships. Today, the Elite Men s road race, closed the 11 day program.

2012 Asian Cycling Championships: Men s U23 road race podium. Image credit: CA photographs

Regrettably, Cycling iQ s meagre travel budget could only stretch to being at one race (Tour de Langkawi) this month, so I ve had to stay vigilant to stay connected with day-to-day events at the Asian Cycling Championships. Live feeds have been impossible to find. For this reason, I can t commentate on the racing itself, but I m happy to default to my comfort zone the humble Excel results table. Here s the top 20 from today s Elite Men s Road Race, with a separate column for cyclists who are in UCI registered professional cycling teams.

Of the 69 starters, 15 did not finish (DNF) whilst Dmitriy Gruzdev (silver medal winner in the Elite Men s Individual Time Trial on Wednesday) was disqualified for holding onto his team s car. He was fined 1 UCI lunch meeting for two people, or CHF200 in currency terms. What s far more interesting than Gruzdev s indiscretion is the fact that almost half the top 20 are registered with UCI professional cycling teams

Without further ado, here s the final podium list and medal count from the last week of all road cycling events copied and pasted from the UCI s communique template. The 2013 Asian Cycling Championships will be held in next March in Delhi, India and Cycling iQ intends to be there.

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A special thankyou to Rosnah Osman from the communications team in Malaysia. I ve never met you in person, but your efficiency has been awesome. Thanks!

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