2012 Tour de Taiwan stage 2 New Taipei City

Veteran Hong Kong cyclist Wong Kam Po today confirmed the form that led to his 2012 Asian Road Cycling Championship win in Malaysia last month.  Today’s second stage covered 112 kilometres (or 118.01 kilometres, or 135 kilometres, depending on the official communication) and included three categorised climbs – but none too challenging for a motivated sprinter.

[Note: as mentioned in yesterday’s post, Cycling iQ is no longer on-site in Taiwan. The below report and provided photos have been provided by the Tour de Taiwan organising committee. Spell-checking has been applied, but the report has otherwise been left “as is” – it’s more interesting that way!].


“I’m not sure if I’m Asia’s most successful cyclist ever”, moderated a very humble Wong. “Cycling has developed in Asia only lately. There is still a big gap with Europe. What I have achieved matters less than what’s coming up in the next few decades. The best Asian cyclist ever will be the one who will show the best sporting spirit.”

When he travelled from Hong Kong to Taiwan to take part in his first stage race of the 2012 season, Wong joked with his teammates. “Keep me covered and unseen for the first three days of racing, I want to wait for my birthday for winning stage 4”, he told them. He was obviously happy to have anticipated the time set for celebration. “A large group of riders (48) made the selection in the main hill of the day”, he described. “The wind on the sea side after the last climb with 25 km to go made it easier to split the group. We got a 30 seconds lead and the uphill finish suited my sprinting abilities at perfection.”

Dirk Muller (Nutrixxion Abus) has raced in Tour de Taiwan at 1993 and 10th in GC. Both Muller and Wong are senior cyclists whose age already beyond 38-years. “The final sprint delivered by Wong I just watched him fly away,” said Muller.

“Team Saxo Bank came here to win stages and GC”, Miyazawa made clear. “My first job is to work for our sprinters Jonathan [Cantwell] and [Lucas] Sebastian [Haedo] but when I get a chance, I try my luck in a breakaway in order to win a stage. That’s how yesterday and today, I ended up at the front and now in the lead. I’m very happy to be in yellow. I don’t know how I can go in tomorrow’s uphill finish. However, it’s the right day to bring good news to Japan. I don’t forget what happened exactly one year ago.”

Miyazawa was highly emotional when he talked about 311 earthquake, “when the terrible disaster occurred I was trained in Italy, I felt sorry and sorrow for Japanese victims, can’t go back to share the sufferings I cried several times.” said Miyazawa.

Khalilikhosroshahi Behnam (Tabriz Petrochemical Team) bravely solo ride for almost 50 km, Behnam took 2nd and 3rd KOM points took the polka dot jersey. It is a pity that Beknam cramped after KOM 3 and finally placed 81st.

Feng Chun Kai (Action Cycling Team) kept the green sprinter jersey ranked 10th GC.

Stage 3 (3/12) Taoyuan County race will be played out from Taoyuan County hall around 9:30, they are two sprint points and two CAT1 KOM point. With the peloton completing a course of 142km in total including a CAT1 KOM mountain finish at Kanpanzan. The race is estimated to concluded around 13:30 p.m.



1. Feng Chun Kai (Action Cycling Team) 20pts
2. Miyazawa Takashi (Team Saxo Bank) 8pts
3. Jang Chan Jae (Terengganu Cycling Team) 8pts

1. Khalilikhosroshahi Behnam (Tabriz Petrochemical Team) 9pts
2. Feng Chun Kai (Action Cycling Team) 8pts
3. Othman Muhamid Adiq (Champion System Pro Cycling Team) 4pts


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