2012 Tour de Taiwan | Stage 3: Taoyuan City Hall Kanpanzan |

Possibly taking a leaf out of How to dominate a stage race, by Andrea Guardini , in-form Genesys Wealth Advisers all-rounder, Anthony Giacoppo, claimed the second of his Tour de Taiwan stage wins only three days into the week-long event. Fellow Aussie, Rhys Pollock (Drapac) slipped into yellow.

[Note: As of stage 2, Cycling iQ has no longer been on-site in Taiwan. The below report and provided photos have been provided by the Tour de Taiwan organising committee. Some spell-checking has been applied, but the report has otherwise been left as is for authenticity. Image credits: PhotoSport International].

It s the queen stage of the tour, peloton were on edge and eager to attack. Headwind, sidewind and mountains made the race hard, when peloton passed through Taoyuan seashore the cruising speed dropped to 32km/h. Rhys Pollock of Drapac cycling said that every teams want to attack and form breakaway but never works out, there were 8 men involved in minor crash. Pollock will celebrate his 32nd birthday on 3/14 and he s now in the GC lead, what a pilot gift.

Kept the yellow jersey? Nope. I believe my teammate Adam Semple (2011 Tour de Taiwan 2 stages wins, presently 15th in GC) has more opportunity, said Pollock. The top five GC riders have a close gap within 10 seconds.

At 44km mark, Lee Rodgers (RTS Racing) and Shinichi Fukushima (Terengganu Cycling) orchestrated a breakaway group to fight against the strong wind for nearly 70km, they once have the time advantages of 4:36. Feng Chun-kai of Action Cycling team speed up to cut down the time gap at 85km mark, Feng still have 2 mins gap with the breakaway however gain 5 KOM points and claimed the KOM lead (13 Pts). The runner up of KOM lead is 9 points by Behnam Khalilikhosroshahi.

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Feng the 2011 International Cycling Classic yellow jersey holder became the Taiwanese cycling hero; Feng took both the green sprinter lead and KOM title. Feng expressed that the competition among green jersey is fierce and unpredictable, I will concentrate on gaining more KOM points in the following stages.

Fukushima added that Lee Rodgers and I have fought hard for 70KM, it s a pity that we were chased up by the peloton, burned lots of energy and nothing payoff, I can climb but definitely no climbing specialist. It s race, sometimes you fight for nothing.

Wong Kam Po kept the blue best Asian rider jersey, 3/13 Taichung stage will be his 39th birthday.

Stage 4 (3/13) Taichung City race will be played out from Taichung City Hall around 9:30, they are two sprint points and two KOM (Cat 1, Cat 3) point. With the peloton completing a course of 111.22km in total including a CAT1 KOM point, finished at Taichung Metropolitan Park. The race is estimated to conclude around 12:30 p.m.



1. Feng Chun Kai (Action Cycling Team) 20pts 2. Jang Chan Jae (Terengganu Cycling Team) 12pts

3. Miyazawa Takashi (Team Saxo Bank) 11pts

1. Feng Chun Kai (Action Cycling Team) 13pts 1. Khalilikhosroshahi Behnam (Tabriz Petrochemical Team) 9pts

3. Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers) 8pts

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