2012 Tour de Jakarta review

Is it fair to call Tour de Jakarta the invisible race ? Relative to other 2012 UCI AsiaTour calendar events with a 2.2 ranking, last weekend s 165 kilometer circuit race produced mostly weak media ripples that petered out somewhere in the Java Sea. Fortunately, a few details still lapped onto our shores.

Image credit: Sportku.com

Thanks to official media partner Sportku, and headline sponsor Polygon (an Original Brand Manufacturer that is Indonesia s equivalent of Giant Bicycles), local coverage leading into the race was discoverable with patience but, once again, the failure of the Union Cycliste Internationale to mandate minimum media outreach standards from its sanctioned events guaranteed that international cycling fans were probably blissfully unaware of the 12 local and 4 foreign teams competing in a bubble of disconnectivity on Sunday, 17 June.

Details of how the race played out are sparse. It s clear from photos and a brief race report from Sportku that a two-man break comprising 2011 South East Asian Games road cycling champion Hari Fitrianto (ISSI East Java) and American Vinyl LPGMA s Cris Joven (Philippines) held a 200 meter gap over the peloton to the finish, resulting in Joven taking his most significant career victory, with local Patria Rastra (Colossi Miche) booking third spot on the podium. There are also some highlights on YouTube:


Cycling iQ has just returned from a long weekend sans internet, so more details will be added if/when they are discovered. [The below race results, modified by Cycling iQ, are courtesy of the UCI s results page; prompt publication of race results being the only reporting function that a race organizer is duty-bound to comply with, according to UCI regulations. All other coverage is a bonus.]

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1 Chris Joven Philippines American Vinyl LPGMA 3:31:15
2 Hari Fitrianto Indonesia ISSI East Java @ 0:02
3 Patria Rastra Indonesia Colossi Miche 0:12
4 Nunung Burhanudin Indonesia Putra Perjuangan Bandung 0:12
5 Hamid Shirisisan Iran Uzbekistan Suren 0:12
6 Rustom Lim Philippines American Vinyl LPGMA 0:15
7 Herwin Jaya Indonesia Polygon Sweet Nice 0:19
8 Mohammad Saufi Mat Senan Malaysia Terengganu Cycling Team 0:22
9 Hamed Pasbankhajeh Iran Uzbekistan Suren 0:27
10 Tonton Susanto Indonesia LeTua Cycling Team 0:35
11 Jelly Dorisman Indonesia 1:15
12 Bambang Suryadi Indonesia 1:21
13 Dadi Suryadi Indonesia 1:21
14 Selamat Juangga Indonesia 1:21
15 Irish Valenzuela Philippines American Vinyl LPGMA 1:25
16 Iman Suparman Indonesia 1:29
17 Projo Waseso Indonesia 1:56
18 Ronnel Hualda Philippines American Vinyl LPGMA 1:56
19 Chelly Aristya Indonesia 1:56
20 Abdul Gani Indonesia 1:56
21 Iwan Setiawan Indonesia 1:56
22 Matnur Matnur Indonesia 1:56
23 Bayu Satrio Indonesia 1:56
24 Faiz Syarifuddin Abd Kadir Malaysia Terengganu Cycling Team 1:56
25 Endra Wijaya Indonesia 1:56
26 Aiman Cahyadi Indonesia 1:56
27 Purnomo Didit Indonesia 1:56
28 Nanto Ferry Indonesia 1:56
29 Arin Iswanna Indonesia 1:56
30 Muhammad Abdurrahman Indonesia 1:56
31 Agung Sahbana Indonesia 1:56
32 Muhammad Shobry Abdullah Malaysia Terengganu Cycling Team 1:56
33 Jimmy Pranata Indonesia 1:56
34 Rudy Roque Philippines American Vinyl LPGMA 1:56
35 Dikdik Permana Sidik Indonesia 1:56
36 Suherman Heryadi Indonesia 1:56
37 Edi Purnomo Indonesia 1:56
38 Hasan Muhamed Basrahil Indonesia 1:56
39 Muhamad Nur Fatoni Indonesia 1:56
40 Maruli Fajar Indonesia 1:56
41 Mohd Shahrul Mat Amin Malaysia Terengganu Cycling Team 1:56
42 Dani Lesmana Indonesia 1:56
43 Eugen Wacker Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Suren 1:56
44 Agung Riyanto Indonesia 1:56
45 Kaswanto Kaswanto Indonesia 1:56
46 Rakhmadani Indonesia 1:56
47 Irvan Firmanyah Indonesia 2:05
48 Fatahilah Abdullah Indonesia 2:05
49 Warseno Indonesia 2:05
50 Nugroho Krisnanto Indonesia 2:05
51 Mohammad Gharehbaghi Pouri Iran Uzbekistan Suren 2:05
52 Ricky Rinaldy Indonesia 2:05
53 Alexander Downie Australia Antangen Eddy Hollands 2:05
54 Parno Indonesia 2:11
55 Satria Destian Indonesia 2:14
56 Kim Do Hyeong Korea Terengganu Cycling Team 2:34
57 Teddy Adrian Saputra Indonesia 2:34
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