InSight: UCI Sport and Technical Update issue 2

Two interesting files have been uploaded by the Union Cycliste Internationale in the last week. Issue 2 of the UCI Sport and Technical department s four-monthly UPDATE Sport and Technical bulletin has been silently uploaded, but a video profile of the World Cycling Centre in Aigle has received a wider airing.

The second edition of Sport and Technical Update focuses heavily on the 2012 London Olympics. Aside from the cycling program and course, a list of special equipment regulations makes for interesting reading:

The following special rules apply to cycling equipment:
One identification of the manufacturer is permitted on each side of the frame. The size and position are not restricted.
The UCI Frame label must be affixed, in addition to the identifications, to the frames of approved models in accordance with the Guidelines for application of UCI approval labels.
One identification of the manufacturer is permitted on each side of the fork if different from the manufacturer of the frame.
One identification of the manufacturer is permitted on each side of either the stem OR the handlebars OR the handlebar extensions if different from the manufacturer of the frame.
One identification of the manufacturer is permitted on each side of the seatpost if different from the manufacturer of the frame.
One identification of the manufacturer, of 60 cm2 maximum size, is permitted on each side of the wheels. No identification of the manufacturer is permitted on arm warmers or leg warmers.

For any equipment not specified above, the general principles common to all Olympic sports apply, namely:
Only one identification of the manufacturer and the National Olympic Committee (NOC) is permitted per article.
All footwear items may carry the identification as generally used on products sold through the retail trade during the 12 months prior to the Games.
The size of an identification of the manufacturer or NOC shall in general not exceed: 6 cm2 for gloves and accessories (headgear, socks, eyewear, elbow protection, BMX neck protection, shin protection and shoe covers), 20 cm2 for clothing, 10% of the total surface for sports equipment (up to a maximum of 60 cm2 ).

TOUR OF HANGZHOU Don t be fooled by the discretionary language in the following entry regarding the Tour of Hangzhou. The newest UCI WorldTour event may still face organisational challenges due to China s often-complex domestic politik, but the UCI which effectively will own this event through its Global Cycling Promotion subsidiary and its Licence Commission will give the green light accordingly.

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The Professional Cycling Council has confirmed that the Tour of Hangzhou (CHN) could join the UCI WorldTour in 2012. If the event is awarded a UCI WorldTour licence by the Licence Commission, it will be held a week after the Tour of Beijing (9-13 October 2012), namely 17-21 October 2012.

The use of GPS location systems and cameras is not authorised during races. However, this prohibition does not relate to GPS systems for personal use (when the data is not transmitted to the media, directeurs sportifs, organisers, etc.) which is currently tolerated, until further notice. The UCI does however consider that the future of the sport of cycling will involve the integration of new technology into the bicycle, in particular providing information on the riders location during races and on-board cameras. Consequently the UCI has set up a working group of experts in order to allow optimum decisions to be made on the application of this technology in competition in the interests of the sport of cycling.

The full bulletin can be downloaded here

In recent weeks, the Union Cycliste Internationale has also been extensively plugging its World Cycling Centre; a landmark development gateway for cycling talent the world over. Though cycling is still left wanting in key areas by its governing body, the WCC has proven to be a real gem. Credit where credit is due.

Embedded into a very large rock positioned at the entrance to the Union Cycliste Internationale s HQ in Aigle, the above plaque commemorates 100 years since the UCI s formation (1900, in Paris) and the beginning of the World Cycling Centre project; a major undertaking that would be completed in 2002. Rough translation:

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This rock symbolizes the opening of the site of the World Centre of Cycling and celebrates the centenary of the Union Cycliste Internationale. In the presence of Mr Adolf Ogi, President of the Swiss Confederation, Mr Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr Hein Verbruggen, President of the Union Cycliste Internationale Aigle, 16th April 2000

The following video, commissioned by the UCI, explains the purpose of the WCC in an enjoyable and inspirational way. It exceeds 11 minutes in length, but it s well worth the time. [Note: the WCC brochure, Pass on the passion (on-screen flip book, opens in new window) is also worth a read]

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