2012 Tour of Taihu Lake stage 5: Yixing-Bamboo Forest Park

Like a tennis player who is capable of winning a match based on his un-returnable serve, the totality of Alexander Serebryakov’s sprinting prowess has seen him consistently threaten the general classification of Asia Tour races this season.

Images: Mike Murano
Video: QQride

Indeed, 29 seconds is now all that stands between Serebryakov and the leader’s orange jersey. In other words, it’s conceivable he could ace his way to the lead. In the immediate future though, Alois Kankovsky (ASC Dukla Praha) should be looking anxiously over his green-clothed shoulders to ensure Serebryakov doesn’t flog his jersey – Team Type1 Sanofi’s key fast-man moved within six points of the points classification lead after his stage win today. Kankovsky fnished out of the points in 6th place whilst, behind them, the main peloton’s momentum was shut down by a pileup in the final kilometres.

Riders in the top 30 of the general classification more or less kept their positions from the previous day, which only increases the pressure on the three teams with leaders in contestable proximity of ASC’s Milan Kadlec. While Drapac Cycling and Hong Kong National team still have a full squad of six riders apiece, 4th-placed David McCann’s RTS Racing Team is comparatively under-gunned with four riders – however, this makes McCann’s current position even more admirable, given the team was a quartet at the beginning of the race.

Tomorrow’s sixth stage takes place in the area surrounding Huzhou, at the southern end of Taihu Lake. At 106 kilometres. it is the race’s shortest stage, but has two intermediate sprints (at 49.2km and 80.7km respectively) which should ensure a tough day for the men from ASC Dukla Praha, as they again face off against the myriad challenges that inevitably will come their way.

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Leaders (Orange) Jersey (累计个人成绩 / 橙衫): Milan Kadlec (ASC Dukla Praha)
Points (Green) Jersey (抢分排名 / 绿衫): Alois Kankovsky (ASC Dukla Praha)
Best Chinese Rider Jersey (大中华个人 / 红衫): Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong National Team)
Best Young Rider (Blue) Jersey (青年个人 / 蓝衫): Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong National Team