2012 Tour of Taihu Lake stage 8: Changshu Kunchenghu Lake Circuit

By the end of the 2012 Tour of Taihu Lake, overall winner Milan Kadlec had gained, on average, a one second advantage over runner-up Floris Goesinnen for every one hundred kilometres raced. Ultimately, the Czech rider never allowed rivals to claw back the bonus time he gained from winning the first stage.

Images: Mike Murano 
Video: QQride

Maybe it’s that remarkably small gap that makes flat stage races like Tour of Taihu Lake unremarkable on paper. However, layperson spectators – of which there were always plenty, courtesy of the dense urban centres that hosted the race as it wound it’s way around China’s third-largest freshwater lake – were perhaps oblivious to the absence of a polka-dot jersey, or indeed did not miss the spectacle of a solo breakaway crossing the finish line with arms aloft in exhausted triumph. With big prize money and UCI points at stake, the crowd-pleasing bunch sprints always delivered the requisite excitement in an easily-digestible package.

Kadlec’s performance elevated him to second position in the overall 2013 UCI Asia Tour rankings, 59 points shy of Alexander Serebryakov (Team Type 1 – Sanofi), who looked noticeably unhappy with his second-place stage finish today, in spite of an overall excellent race which included wins in the third and fifth stages. Hong Kong’s Choi Ki Ho was also impressive, collecting the Young Rider and Best Greater China jerseys.

The UCI Asia Tour stays in China for the UCI2.2-ranked Tour of Fuzhou, taking place from 18-20 November. A race preview will be posted at cyclingiq.com shortly.

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Leaders (Orange) Jersey (累计个人成绩 / 橙衫): Milan Kadlec (ASC Dukla Praha)
Points (Green) Jersey (抢分排名 / 绿衫): Alois Kankovsky (ASC Dukla Praha)
Best Chinese Rider Jersey (大中华个人 / 红衫): Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong National Team)
Best Young Rider (Blue) Jersey (青年个人 / 蓝衫): Choi Ki Ho (Hong Kong National Team