2016 Tour of Thailand coverage

Following the cancellation of Malaysia s Tour of Sarawak last month, it has been a relief to see the Tour of Thailand get underway. Here s how you can follow the action.

Once again, Cycling iQ has been defeated by the wall of silence that organisers of Asia Tour events seem to deploy with frustrating regularity.

In the case of the Tour of Thailand (full name: The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn s Cup Tour of Thailand), daily emails and phone calls to race officials and related parties have gone unanswered or resulted in obfuscatory responses.

The upshot is that we haven t been able to procure a technical guide (race manual), which is kind of handy when writing a race preview or when trying to understand anything at all about the technicalities of the race.

UCI regulations (2.2.011 & 2.2.012) state that race organisers should prepare a technical guide each time a race is held. This would be useful if there were also a regulation stating that the technical guide should be disseminated when requested by accredited or UCI-approved media. But no, it only needs to be prepared. Thank you, cycling s governing body, for writing such comprehensive and helpful regulations.

Despite the barriers, Cycling iQ would like to once again thank the small handful of helpful Asia Tour regulars that can be relied on to come to the rescue with start lists and results whenever they are on the ground at an event.

So, rather than a race preview, here is a 2016 Tour of Thailand information page that will be updated daily with whatever useful information can be found to make sense of the racing taking place in Thailand this week. Update notifications will be made on Twitter.

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Firstly, for anyone with a browser translation plug-in and a desire for finding more information than what is on this page, use ??????? ????? ??? ????????2016 as your search term and have fun trawling. Feel free to add any helpful links you might find in the comments section below.


While there is no official coverage on Twitter, the Tour of Thailand Facebook is being updated daily with grainy photos, links to local press reports and screenshots of results sheets.


The final start list can be viewed here (PDF). There are 20 teams participating in the race, of which half are UCI Continental squads. Note that Team Lvshan Landscape, ostensibly a Chinese team, doesn t have a single Chinese (or Asian) rider present.


Full results sheets are being posted to the Thailand Cycling Association website, though they are slow to be uploaded and will likely appear here more promptly (and at procyclingstats.com in that website s own format). The official results sheets (PDF) will be added below at the conclusion of each stage:
Stage 1 results
Stage 2 results
Stage 3 results
Stage 4 results
Stage 5 results
Stage 6 results


For anyone with a VPN client, there is a live stream here. However, without a technical guide, there is no way of knowing when the stages start and are projected to finish. As a guide, there is a good chance that clicking on the live stream link around 05:00GMT will result in catching the action one to two hours before each stage finishes.


Finally, following are basic stage details and some highlights (this word is used with some reservation, though viewers can decide for themselves) videos from local media.

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Stage 1 | Ubon Ratchathani ? Mukdahan 187km
Friday, 01 April 2016

Stage 2 | Mukdahan Sakon Nakhon 132km
Saturday, 02 April 2016

Stage 3 | Sakon Nakhon Bueng Kan 194km
Sunday, 03 April 2016

Stage 4 | Bueng Kan Nong Khai 137km
Monday, 04 April 2016

Stage 5 | Nong Khai Loei 231.2km
Tuesday, 05 April 2016

Stage 6 | Loei Udon Thani 167.7km
Wednesday, 06 April 2016

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