What does Brexit mean for cycling?

In Cycling iQ’s latest piece for CyclingTips, we explore how the UK’s imminent departure from the EU might impact cycling and explain how it’s not just a concern for cyclists in Europe.
Regardless of how anyone feels about the result of the Brexit referendum last week, nobody can honestly say they fully understand what the UK’s imminent withdrawal from the European Union (EU) actually means. Particularly given the structural de-coupling of Britain from the EU will not take place for at least two years, at which time the global economy might look quite different from today.

Still, this doesn’t prevent incandescent youths who voted ‘Remain’ from hurling heartfelt hashtags of despair towards the 50+ age group who mostly voted ‘Leave’, or others from feeling ‘Bregretful’ about the vision they’ve bought into. They believed it would be a plum future, but it could turn out to be a lemon.

It seems the only happy people are economists, policy wonks and anoraks who delight in the prognostication opportunities that uncertainty brings.

Which brings us to the question you clicked on. What does Brexit mean for cycling?

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