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China set to enter the WorldTour, but what’s the plan?

Late last week a Chinese-led consortium held a press conference in Beijing to announce “The First UCI WorldTeam of China”. The announcement generated significant interest within China and beyond, but actual details about the project are scarce.

Sarvesh Sangarya diary: the Belgian racing algorithm

After his original travel plans were foiled by a third collarbone break in less than 18 months, Sarvesh finally touched down in Brussels earlier this month to begin another racing block in the heartland of European road cycling. 

What does the future hold for Italian bike brands?

It seems that whenever mainstream media talks about road bikes, Italian brands feature frequently as the ultimate representation of our aspirations while, in contrast, those from Taiwan are suggested as affordable stepping stones to something better. But despite powerful brand narratives, virtually all famous Italian brands have pivoted to Taiwan (or further afield in Asia) for manufacturing … Continue reading

Sarvesh Sangarya diary: we’ll return after this short break

Sarvesh Sangarya’s second diary entry here at Cycling iQ is a little overdue though, as he writes, it’s not without good reason. In his latest installment, Sarvesh describes the fallout from an encounter with a car in his home city of Bangalore.

Featured in Cycle Sport

In what is the last issue of Cycle Sport, Cycling iQ writes about the state of New Zealand road cycling and asks how it is that this small country has managed to export so much talent into the European arena.

Sarvesh Sangarya diary: you have to dream before the dreams come true

Though tales of aspiring young road cyclists facing down challenges as they chase their pro dreams are not new, such journeys generally don’t emanate from India. But as 21-year old Sarvesh Sangarya from Bangalore writes, despite any differences in the route taken, all such journeys inevitably lead to Europe.

What does Brexit mean for cycling?

In Cycling iQ’s latest piece for CyclingTips, we explore how the UK’s imminent departure from the EU might impact cycling and explain how it’s not just a concern for cyclists in Europe.

Route planning

Cycling iQ has undergone a few subtle design changes over the years, but has always remained locked firmly within its scope: the sport and business of cycling in the Asia-Pacific region. Nothing lasts forever though, so I’d like to make sure readers are well-informed about what to expect in future.

Market Talk

This week: Indonesia’s tight deadline for new Asian Games velodrome; Oil prices impact Astana Pro Cycling Team; Netherlands the EU’s largest bicycle exporter in 2015; Giant planning to go direct in India?; Trek Bicycle’s NZ subsidiary now official.

10 years on: the limited reach of cycling’s globalisation

As the Giro d’Italia comes to a close with just four riders from Asia in the peloton, Cycling iQ looks at the role of the continent in pro cycling’s globalisation and asks managers from a diverse cross-section of first- and second-division teams how it might change in future.