Interested in knowing where members of the bicycle industry go during the year to show off new products? I m not aware of any site that lists and visualises international bike exhibitions in a user-friendly way, so hopefully the infographic (click here for larger version), map and table combination below achieves that.

Notes: all components will be updated when/if new information becomes available. [Last updated 08.05.2016] many of these shows are open to the public, but some are trade only. I ll add colour coding to make the distinction soon.

2017 exhibition information will be added as soon as there s enough data to populate the map.

ISPO Munich 24.01 27.01.2016 Munich GERMANY WEBSITE
London Bike Show 11.02 14.02.2016 London UK WEBSITE
ISPO Beijing 24.02 27.02.2016 Beijing CHINA WEBSITE
Velo City 27.02 01.03.2016 Taipei TAIWAN WEBSITE
Taipei Cycle Show 02.03 05.03.2016 Taipei TAIWAN WEBSITE
Velo Park 11.03 13.03.2016 Moscow RUSSIA WEBSITE
Copenhagen Bike Show 11.03 13.03.2016 Copenhagen DENMARK WEBSITE
China North International Cycle Show 25.03 27.03.2016 Tianjin CHINA WEBSITE
Inabike 29.03 01.04.2016 Jakarta INDONESIA WEBSITE
China Cycle 06.05 09.05.2016 Shanghai CHINA WEBSITE
Outerbike Summer 02.06 05.06.2015 Whistler USA WEBSITE
Beijing International Cycle Expo 17.06 19.06.2016 Beijing CHINA WEBSITE
Australian Triathlon Endurance & Cycling Expo 23.07 24.07.2016 Sydney AUSTRALIA WEBSITE
India Cycle, Fitness & Outdoor Sports Expo 18.03 20.03.2016 Ludhiana INDIA WEBSITE
Eurobike 31.08 04.09.2016 Friedrichshafen GERMANY WEBSITE
Asia Bike 13.09 15.09.2016 Nanjing CHINA WEBSITE
Cosmobike 16.09 19.09.2016 Verona ITALY WEBSITE
Unibike 23.09 25.09.2016 Madrid SPAIN WEBSITE
Interbike 21.09 23.09.2016 Las Vegas USA WEBSITE
The Cycle Show 22.09 25.09.2016 Birmingham UK WEBSITE
Kielce Bike Expo 29.09 01.10.2016 Kielce POLAND WEBSITE
Asia Cycle 06.10 08.10.2016 Kunshan CHINA WEBSITE
International Bangkok Bike 06.10 09.10.2016 Bangkok THAILAND WEBSITE
Taichung Bike Week 18.10 21.10.2016 Taichung TAIWAN WEBSITE
Bici Expo 21.10 23.10.2016 Mexico MEXICO WEBSITE
Cycle Mode 04.11 06.11.2016 Tokyo JAPAN WEBSITE
EICMA 10.11 13.11.2016 Milan ITALY WEBSITE
China International Bicycle Festival 11.11 13.11.2016 Shenzhen CHINA WEBSITE
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