Supply chain

  • Shadow optic: the manufacturing partner paradox

    by - Feb 14, 2012
    Who really makes your bike? It is a simple enough question. Country of origin has traditionally been a touchy subject for brands that rely on Asia-based ‘manufacturing partners’, let alone revealing who the partners are. Discovering...
  • Time warp: weird world of bicycle product cycles

    by - Dec 7, 2011
    So long, November. As cycling consumers finalise their Christmas 2011 shopping list of bikes and gadgets, the bicycle industry’s Product Managers have returned from Taichung, Taiwan, after ordering parts for the bikes those same consumers may...
  • Vertical limit: surviving compression fatigue

    by - Nov 21, 2011
    Consumers of cycling products have been taken for quite a ride during the last two decades. Bicycle brands, their distributors and retailers, demonstrated a remarkable endurance and capacity to sustain a profitable, trust-based supply chain model...
  • Vertical limit: what just happened?

    by - Nov 16, 2011
    The emergence of e-commerce in the bicycle market was an affront to almost every aspect of an industry business model that had for years thrived on handshakes, muffin-toting sales representatives and the seductive embrace of high...
  • Vertical limit: 10 years on, the first cracks appear

    by - Nov 11, 2011
    Year 2001. Taiwanese OEM production hummed along, retail prices were buoyant, and cycling was enjoying an upswing in popularity across the Asia-Pacific region. However, as the new millennium’s first decade matured, so too did a trio...
  • Vertical limit: the long and short of bicycle manufacturing

    by - Nov 8, 2011
    Free-market capitalism, a cycling boom and supply-chain protectionism made the 1990’s a financial boon for bicycle brands, their distributors and retailers. The highly profitable business model of selling bicycles manifested in scaled-up physical supply nodes designed...
  • Vertical limit: bicycle industry supply chains

    by - Nov 6, 2011
    2011 is a fine time to be a consumer of cycling equipment. Brands and their downstream re-sellers are clambering over each other to cut through the noise created from market re-structuring. Many players in the bicycle...
  • Vertical limit: bicycle business under pressure

    by - Nov 3, 2011
    Accessibility used to be all that stood between a bicycle brand and a consumer. Today, it’s more complicated. Multiple business models co-exist, creating a plethora of purchasing options for consumers. It is both exciting and confronting....