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10 years on: the limited reach of cycling’s globalisation

As the Giro d’Italia comes to a close with just four riders from Asia in the peloton, Cycling iQ looks at the role of the continent in pro cycling’s globalisation and asks managers from a diverse cross-section of first- and second-division teams how it might change in future.

2016 Tour de Flores preview

Yes, the Asia Tour is still in Indonesia and, after the weekend’s commotion, everyone is no doubt looking forward to an entertaining, but uneventful, five days of racing. Does that make sense?

Even after Pouly’s Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen disqualification, doubts linger

Singha Infinite rider Peter Pouly was stripped of a third successive GC victory in Banyuwangi yesterday after race officials discovered the French-born resident of Chiang Rai had violated the UCI’s 6.8kg weight limit rule on the race’s final stage. But plenty of questions remain that may never be properly answered.

2016 Tour of Iran preview

As one Asia Tour race draws to a close in Southeast Asia,  another one starts 8’000 kilometres to the northwest – and it doesn’t take long to realise the Tour of Banyuwangi Ijen and Tour of Iran are as different as they are far apart.

Do regulation breaches in Asia Tour reveal a new source of fraud?

Evidence of deliberate tampering of results by race officials at this week’s Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen is the latest episode lending weight to cynics’ contentions that unethical behaviour in the Asia Tour is far more widespread than reported.

2016 International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen preview

For the first time this year, the UCI Asia Tour peloton heads to Indonesia for the fifth edition of the International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen.

Uphill battle for Asian Cycling Confederation Anti-Doping Committee

Following the Asian Cycling Confederation’s approval of a proposed anti-doping committee at the ACC annual congress in January 2016, a Malaysian National Cycling Federation official has now been appointed to Chair the new body which is now faced with addressing fresh allegations of systemic doping in the Asia Tour.

Shimano: the ASO of the bicycle industry

Shimano’s dominant role in the bicycle industry has interesting parallels with Amaury Sports’ influence in professional cycling which highlights a left-field opportunity that might be worth exploring.

2016 Tour of Thailand coverage

Following the cancellation of Malaysia’s Tour of Sarawak last month, it has been a relief to see the Tour of Thailand get underway. Here’s how you can follow the action.

Professional Cycling Council considers 25 more WorldTour race days in 2017

In a newsletter sent to national federations last week, the Union Cycliste Internationale has revealed the Professional Cycling Council is considering the addition of up to “roughly” 25 competition days to the 2017 WorldTour calendar as part of the UCI’s pro cycling reforms.