to Cycling iQ and thanks for stopping by. The site is currently parked up as I take time to explore other interests. Still, I hope you might find some interesting/informative articles here. Cheers, Cam.

started in September 2011 as a creative gap year project, after several years of traveling extensively throughout Asia-Pacific as a market manager for Swiss brand BMC. It was simply an opportunity to write about the immense but ‘hidden’ road cycling culture in Asia. To my surprise, the somewhat unlikely mix of industry and racing articles found a growing audience.

Plans changed in May 2012 when SCOTT offered me a job. I hadn’t quite managed the full gap year, but opportunities to live in Switzerland rarely come along. I stopped blogging about the bicycle industry but had the best intentions to continue UCI Asia Tour race coverage. Ultimately, it consumed too much personal time and the blog was neglected for a couple of years.

After three years in CH, I decided it was time to say Tschüss and follow another road. Since late 2015, CyclingiQ.com has been a way for me to keep in touch with something I’m interested in, without being so all-consuming there’s no time for anything else.

is exploring the culture of road cycling and explaining the industry behind it. Whether it’s a visit to the factory that makes frames used in the WorldTour, chatting with an event organiser in Malaysia or uncovering data on road bike sales in Europe – if it’s related to road cycling, it will be here.

to me means having the freedom to write about anything that interests me. It’s the ability to explore the entire spectrum of cycling, take time to properly examine information, and explain what it all means to the best of my abilities. It also means writing when I feel like it, free from the constraints of commercial interests and news cycle pressure.

pays the bills, and this is where most of my cycling-related writing time goes. The blog is a ‘portfolio’ of sorts and I’ve been fortunate to have articles published by some fine media outlets:
Bicycle Retailer (USA)
BIKE Europe (Netherlands)
Cycle Sport (UK)
CyclingTips (Australia)
RIDE Cycling Review (Australia)
SuperBike (Korea)
Taipei Show Daily (Taiwan)

Below image taken by Wade Wallace of CyclingTips during a ride with BMC’s Tim Roe.

Riding ADL_11

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